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Dr20001026.mp315.800.11.04 11:19:47Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 10/26/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:00:40128S44
Dr20020221.mp316.402.02.23 22:24:25Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 2/21/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:01:16128S44
Dr20010823.mp318.901.08.24 18:14:35Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 8/25/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:03:55128S44
Dr20011004.mp315.101.10.08 21:48:52Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 10/4/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne1:59:58128S44
Dr20000810.mp321.700.08.13 06:00:42Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 8/10/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:06:50128S44
Dr20010329.mp313.001.03.30 14:57:12Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 3/29/012000As heard on WZBC, Ne1:57:43128S44
Dr20010308.mp319.901.04.15 02:19:11Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 3/8/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:04:59128S44
Dr20001109.mp321.200.11.11 22:18:46Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 11/9/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:06:18128S44
Dr20010607.mp314.201.06.10 06:13:40Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 6/7/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne1:58:57128S44
Dr20010503.mp316.601.05.08 07:51:23Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 5/3/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:01:33128S44
Dr20020207.mp318.602.02.08 22:27:05Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 2/7/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:03:35128S44
Dr20001207.mp319.701.02.07 23:55:12Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 12/7/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:04:43128S44
Dr20010830.mp317.901.09.13 00:01:21Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 8/30/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:02:53128S44
Dr20001130.mp321.901.02.07 23:45:00Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 11-30-002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:07:03128S44
Dr20020502.mp315.302.05.03 16:19:42Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 5/2/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:00:09128S44
Dr20010906.mp319.801.09.14 07:11:17Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 9/6/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:04:51128S44
Dr20010705.mp318.101.07.08 09:05:28Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 7/5/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:03:02128S44
Dr20000817.mp321.600.08.20 22:02:35Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 8/17/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:06:41128S44
Dr20000721.mp320.000.07.24 09:40:25Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 7/21/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:05:04128S44
Dr20020516.mp315.602.05.17 16:08:42Ethan FunkDesfuned Radio Show 5/16/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:00:26128S44
Dr20010215.mp320.601.02.17 11:18:34Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 2/15/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:05:40128S44
Dr20010927.mp315.401.09.29 01:33:32Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 9/27/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:00:12128S44
Dr20010412.mp316.201.04.15 19:23:18Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show, 4/12/012000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:01:04128S44
Dr20001116.mp322.000.11.17 14:37:21Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 11/16/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:07:08128S44
Dr20011011.mp319.701.10.12 19:39:07Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 10/11/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:04:47128S44
Dr20010621.mp315.701.06.25 01:54:04Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 6/21/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:00:32128S44
Dr20020411.mp317.202.04.12 19:26:12Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 4/11/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:02:05128S44
Dr20010201.mp316.501.02.03 12:05:08Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 2/1/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:01:23128S44
Dr20020404.mp316.302.04.06 19:45:34Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 4/4/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:01:14128S44
Dr20010510.mp317.101.05.23 17:13:52Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 5/10/012001AS heard on WZBC, Ne2:02:03128S44
Dr20010111.mp322.101.01.14 00:34:49Ethan FunkDefunked Radi Show 1/11/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:07:11128S44
Dr20010419.mp313.801.04.23 17:21:59Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 4/19/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne1:58:36128S44
Dr20011129.mp317.701.11.30 23:56:19Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 11/29/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:02:38128S44
Dr20011206.mp396.701.12.07 23:03:43Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 12/5/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne1:40:48128S44
Dr20020321.mp399.102.03.24 19:03:17Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 3/21/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne1:43:15128S44
Dr20010118.mp321.901.01.22 06:39:35Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 1/18/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:06:59128S44
Dr20001019.mp322.000.10.26 11:03:48Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 10/19/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:07:07128S44
Dr20020509.mp319.102.05.10 19:08:53Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 5/9/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:04:04128S44
Dr20010104.mp316.901.01.07 13:08:34Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 1/4/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:01:47128S44
Dr20020307.mp318.902.03.09 17:37:17Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 3/7/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:03:52128S44
Dr20020103.mp318.502.01.05 00:41:32Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 1/3/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:03:31128S44
Dr20000824.mp321.400.08.26 23:07:11Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 8/24/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:06:33128S44
Dr20010426.mp316.801.05.02 08:09:06Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 4/26/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:01:43128S44
Dr20010208.mp317.201.02.10 13:08:45Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 2/8/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:02:05128S44
Dr20011115.mp395.501.11.16 20:35:47Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show, 11/15/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne1:39:29128S44
Dr20020131.mp317.802.02.01 21:32:52Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 1/31/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:02:46128S44
Dr20000928.mp316.000.10.25 06:52:51Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 9/28/002000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:00:52128S44
Dr20010524.mp316.301.05.29 00:33:11Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 5/24/012001As heard on WZBC, Ne2:01:14128S44
Dr20000728.mp318.500.08.01 08:26:50Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 7/28/00 (L2000As heard on WZBC, Ne2:03:26128S44
Dr20020117.mp316.802.01.18 20:25:57Ethan FunkDefunked Radio Show 1/17/022002As heard on WZBC, Ne2:01:42128S44

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